Environments surrounding an enterprise are changing faster and faster. We think it is important to improve our customer services as footing for our future. We will arrange in order and analyze information rather than moving about in confusion due to changes in environments. In addition, we will have our organization well balanced free from wastefulness, immoderateness and unevenness.
Technology-aided re-exportation was a basic strategy for Japan lacking in natural resources while our country is being obliged to seek new strategy. Under such circumstances, we are always surveying prices on the international market to reflect them upon our daily dealing and bidding while deepening our interchanges with many foreign countries through our import/export business.
Our positive management not affected by changes in environments and times and our constant quality services always oriented for customers are leading to a major corporate image of NBC and eventually gaining customer satisfaction.
Our primary mission is to understand the specific need of our customer to reach their expectations. We are perceiving a change in environments and/or times in its earliest possible stages and finding out an optimum solution. Thus, we are striving to build up an in-house scheme ready to cope with anything to enjoy prosperity together with our customers.
We are gathering, classifying and analyzing a wide variety of information corresponding to international and environmental changes. And we are offering you the strategically and tactical information eventually obtained. The information gathered and obtained would valuably promise maintenance and prosperity of your corporate entity in the future.