We receive consultations from the business involved in land and buildings, such as in designing, building management, building diagnosis and tax affairs. And we are diagnosing buildings, including environment conservation. In addition, we will also receive consultations relating to exportation and importation.
We are designing, supervising and diagnosing a building on a building LCC (life cycle cost )-conscious basis. And we are newly constructing, reconstructing and settling equipments while striving to reduce the consumption of environments and natural resources through cogeneration and by any other means. This will extend a building life cycle and minimize running cost while enhancing the operational efficiency.
We undertake long-term building maintenance and management, such as equipment maintenance and guarding, etc. The environment would be influential over the occupant's (user's) efficiency and mental status. Our cleaning operation strives to beautify and to keep safety and health in accordance with the health management techniques corresponding to the HACCP standards established by the NASA.
Real estate has been authorized to be securitized so that it may be assessed in more detail. From a software point of view, however, we are operating and maintaining a building. Through real estate brokerage and building management, moreover, we are reassessing a building to prepare and propose an improvement plan.
We are exporting and importing non-ferrous metals, building equipment/materials, foodstuffs, processed food, etc. and supporting a local exploration project. Besides, we will support any business associated.